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Sony Releases Xperia S Source Code

ROM developers can breathe easier. Sony has just released the source code for its newest flagship handset, the Xperia S. The code is based on Android 4.0.4 and covers the recently updated v6.1.A.0.452 ICS firmware. While this release may not be initially important for everyday users, hackers should start seeing more functional and stable ROMS in the… Read more

Source Released for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has let the source code for the Sprint version of their Galaxy S III out from secrecy.  Now, the Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile source codes are all available to developers out there.  What does this mean to the average Joe?  Immediately…  nothing.  However, having the source code for a device makes developing new ROMs a much more… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T gets source code released

One of AT&T’s most anticipated phones this winter season has no doubt been the Galaxy Note, which is due to be released on the 19th of February. The phone will probably receive tons of developer support, and now Samsung is chipping in. They have just released the source code, and it holds a few mysteries. There are three different versions, all with only… Read more