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Apple v. Samsung Patent Infringement Saga Continues – South Korean Court Rules on Korean Case

The Apple vs. Samsung case has been an ongoing media circus here in the US. However the battle between these two tech behemoths is truly an international one. In case you might have missed it, Apple and Samsung have been disputing over in Samsung’s native Korea. In that case a ruling has been made with the Seoul District Court now laying out a split… Read more

South Korean Carrier, SK Telecom, Launching VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) Tomorrow With The Galaxy S III

Not long after news broke that MetroPCS was the first carrier to deploy a Voice Over LTE network, SK Telecom in South Korea is poised to launch the same service tomorrow on the Samsung Galaxy S III. The “HD Voice” service will come preloaded on new Samsung Galaxy S III LTE phones. The service will reportedly become available on previous Samsung Galaxy S… Read more

HTC Closes South Korean Office

HTC, today, has decided it will be closing its office in South Korea. Apparently, competition is just too stiff in Samsung’s home country. It doesn’t come as a surprise though, as HTC has had financial issues as of late. Also, Canalys analysts believe that HTC had only a mere 1% of the South Korean market share even with its well-acclaimed One line. To… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with more juice for South Korea

With all the hype about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus growing exponentially within the past few months, the question that’s been the question for most Android users has been: will it last? No, literally, will it survive the whole day? Battery life has not been the best on Android phones and when it comes to the Galaxy Nexus, the apple can’t fall too far from… Read more