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LG Spectrum Slated For Major Update, Not ICS

Verizon announced a new update for the LG Spectrum. While it isn’t ICS, it comes with a massive list of bug fixes I’m sure users will appreciate. The update is VS920V6 and is Android 2.3.6. If you’d like more info on installing the update (which should go live within a matter of days), go to the Verizon support page. Verizon has been updating a lot… Read more

LG Spectrum officially announced

We’ve heard rumors about the LG Revolution’s successor, the LG Spectrum, for a little while now, and just as we imagined the company has officially unveiled the new smartphone at their press event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Spectrum is the newest high-end 4G LTE-equipped Android device for Verizon’s network, and for those of you… Read more