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Pocket App Updated: Now Reads Articles Aloud

Pocket has always been a useful app. I used to save interesting articles to read offline when travelling home on an underground train (until one day AT&T boosted signal and HSPA+ coverage in the tunnels, that is). Pocket is also cross platform, being able to save things on an Android phone and access them on any computer, Android or iOS device. Pretty… Read more

AutoRap App By Smule Creates Some Hilarious Moments

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1DgNfz1g_s&feature=player_embedded Even if you don’t like apps like this, watch the video anyway. What this app does, while not very useful, is honestly quite impressive. Basically, it turns your recorded speech into a rap song. Since it comes from a respected developer such as Smule, you know it’ll work well. And it does…. Read more