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Google Now Gets An Update To Include Movie Showtimes, Public Alerts, And Sports Updates In Real Time

For those who currently have Jelly Bean on their device, a nice update to Google Now has just been released in the Play Store. This latest update brings in a whole host of new features such as movie features so you can look up showtimes and buy tickets and it will also give you notifications about movies when it thinks you need them. Another addition is… Read more

Official London 2012 Olympics App Now Available For Android

The 2012 Olympic games are just around the corner and the festival organizers have released a much-appreciated Android application to help sports fans follow all the action. The app contains numerous features to help keep track of your favorite events and olympians, complete with results, schedules and medal counts. Design-wise, the application offers… Read more

Big Mountain Snowboarding now rocks Honeycomb tablets

If you’ve caught the fever for Golden Hammer’s Big Mountain Snowboarding on Android, but have been longing to play on your Honeycomb tablet, it’s time to head on over to the Android Market for a new download. The app has been updated to support Android 3.0, and perhaps more importantly, the tablets that carry that version. The difference in control is… Read more