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Top 4 Reader Recommendations: Streaming Music Services

We covered music players last week, so this week I wanted to focus on your top streaming music services.  This list was compiled prior to Google’s new Google Play Music All Access, so this new streaming service wasn’t an option for you to suggest.  My suspicion is that if I asked the same question a month from now, All Access would be on this list…. Read more

Brooks’ DogGone Best Android Apps of 2012

For my Doggone best apps of 2012, it took me some time to figure out what I wanted to share with you all.  I thought about maybe I’d tell you about the first apps I install after flashing a new ROM.  This list wouldn’t change drastically from what I offer you below, but it would definitely include Titanium Backup.  But what I’ve come up with for my top… Read more

Oh Yeah, Spotify Adds Radio Streaming To Android App

Spotify’s announced a brand new feature that premium users are sure to love as they add the same radio playback functionality iOS users have enjoyed. The app now includes creating radio stations from any artist, album or playlist you suggest along with being able to improve Spotify’s playlist building skills by offering feedback through the thumbs-up… Read more

Spotify Beta for Android 4.0 Review [Video]

The Spotify team recently unveiled their brand new Beta Android app for ICS devices. It appears to be completely rewritten with new features and a user interface that resembles the “Holo” theme found throughout Android 4.0. You still must be a premium user ($9.99/mo) to use this app, which might encourage a few of you to make the jump and upgrade! You… Read more

Spotify Unveils New Android Beta, Overhauls Entire App

Spotify users should take note of a massive and much-needed overhaul of the Spotify app this morning. Dare we call it a complete facelift for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, the new app launches in beta today with several new features. Most notable is a brand new look that puts the Spotify app in line with Google’s “Holo” visual paradigm for… Read more

Spotify sweetens up with Rolling Stone, Last.fm and others

For all those Spotify fans out there, today is your lucky day. Today, the internet jukebox service held a “what’s next” even in New York to show the world how it is reinventing itself. The change has come and as with the smartphone industry, the key word was “apps”. Of course, the apps reside in the Spotify ecosystem so really they could be considered… Read more

Spotify finding home with Android 2.1?

If you are in Europe and have an Android device then you will know just how nice it is to have an app like Spotify at your disposal. For the Android users in the U.S. though we could only hope for some love. Rumors flying around (via TechCrunch) are suggesting that the Spotify app might find it’s way here. The aggressive negotiations with labels over… Read more