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Sprint Looking To Acquire The Other 49% Of Clearwire

It looks like being majority shareholder of a company isn’t enough for Sprint. Sprint already owns 50.8% of Clearwire since October 18th. It has voting control of all of Clearwire’s decisions, but that just isn’t enough. Sprint is now making a move to grab the remaining 49.2% of Clearwire. Not only will this give Sprint complete control over… Read more

Sprint Reportedly Gunning For Partnership With Dish Network

Sprint is apparently looking to partner up with Dish Network. Sprint has been said to have made an offer to Dish Network that would allow Sprint to share Dish’s unused wireless spectrum. Not only that, Sprint also proposed an agreement to make Dish Network an MVNO that would run on Sprint’s network, similar to Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile. Sprint… Read more

BOGO Offer At Sprint For Select Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Sprint is offering a very tempting BOGO offer that will last up to December 24th. In a leaked ad (compliments of Engadget), you can see that Spring will be offering a BOGO free deal on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the Samsung Galaxy SII, and the Samsung Galaxy Victory. The sale will start on December 7th and last about two weeks. It is available to both… Read more

[Deal] LG Optimus G Half Off For AT&T And Sprint

Have you been waiting for the LG Optimus G since it’s been announced? Excited for the high end device, but can’t afford a $200 phone? Here’s a great deal for you: the Optimus G for both AT&T and Sprint is $100 off. And even better, the deal applies to both new account and upgrades. For only $99.99, this phone is an amazing deal. The LG Optimus G is… Read more

Leaked Ad Reveals Sprint Will Offer The Galaxy Nexus For Free, Galaxy S III For Only $50 On Black Friday

The biggest shopping day of the year is next week, and a newly leaked ad reveals that Sprint has a few tricks up its sleeve. A supposed leak of their Black Friday ad shows that they will be offering both the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Victory for free with two-year contract. That’s right, between the 23rd and 25th, you can grab a decent mid-range phone on… Read more

AT&T LTE Expansion Continues – Now Available In Little Rock Ark, Parts Of Florida/California

Earlier this morning AT&T announced their newest LTE network expansions. Many users may have already noticed the additional markets but never the less DroidDog has you covered. The Big Blue’s 4G LTE service has now gone live in Little Rock, Ark and has expanded LTE coverage in Key West to include Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys, Marathon,… Read more

Google Posts Factory Image For The Sprint Galaxy Nexus

For the first time, Google has posted a factory image for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. It has been a tough time for owners of branded Nexus devices, since they never really had Google’s blessing. But now both the Verizon and the Sprint Galaxy Nexus have full factory images straight from Google. So if you ever mess up your phone, you can always return to… Read more

Sprint Updates Their Galaxy Note II, Adds Multi Window

Outside of the US, the Samsung Galaxy Note II has a famous feature called Multi Window. It allows you to run two apps at the same time, one on top of the other, on the massive 5.5″ HD display. It’s a great multitasking feature, but it’s been strangely absent in all the US models. We don’t know of any possible reason, but that’s the way it is…. Read more