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Android Distribution Numbers Are In Again, Not Too Much Has Changed

The distribution numbers for Android have been released for the previous month, and not much has changed. Let us remind you that last month, they changed how they collect these statistics: Instead of counting people who connected to Google services, it’s just people who visited the Play Store. While that’s not as useful for the average person to see how… Read more

Tablet Market Sees Massive Growth In Q1 2013, Android Pulls Ahead

According to market intelligence company IDC, tablet sales have skyrocketed over the last year. Their data states that total shipments rose almost 150% in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the first quarter of 2012. But you don’t read DroidDog for information about general tablets. The amazing thing about this growth is that Android tablet sales,… Read more

SwiftKey Releases Some Fascinating And Awesome Stats

As you probably know, the SwiftKey app collects statistics from your typing. And in case you didn’t know, the company collects those stats for itself. Your device will send them these statistics. But don’t fret, all the statistics are anonymous and don’t contain anything you actually typed, only how you type. So please, don’t freak out. SwiftKey is safe… Read more

Users Spend The Most Time Of Their Smartphone Usage On Games

Flurry, an analytics company, has released a ton of information recently collected from smartphones of both the Android and iOS persuasion. This data revealed how people were spending their time using their smartphones, and for how long. And shockingly, people used their phones 2 hours and 38 minutes a day on average. The biggest use of time has been… Read more

Android Keeps Gaining Popularity, Leads The US Market

Android continues to gain popularity and grow, not that we’re surprised. According to Kantar’s current market share numbers, Android has a 51.2% market share in the last three months, raising 5.8% since last year. In comparison, iOS currently holds 43.5% of the market share, a 3.5% drop from last year. Little by little, Windows Phone is growing,… Read more

ComScore Shows Android Is On Top, Samsung Still Top Dog

Nothing has really changed here. Android is still on top, with a 1.4 boost since April. It is now in the lead at 52.2% of market share in the US. Apple is at second, with 33.4%. RIM took a 2.1 point hit and is now at 9.5%, while poor Microsoft is at 3.6%. We want Windows Phone to succeed, but it just isn’t working out great. With OEMs, it’s… Read more

Android phones claim 58% of mobile transactions

Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Collectively, they represent a huge block of sales for retailers everywhere. ThreatMetrix, a provider of cloud-based fraud prevention services, release statistics that revealed that this year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were fueled by Android-powered devices. Considering that the iPhone came in second, generating 32%… Read more