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Random Metal Android Statue Shows Up On Google Campus

We don’t quite know what it means, but Google has put up a new statue. Unlike the others, which are situated outside of Building 44, this one is in Building 45 across the street. And despite not knowing what it means, I don’t think we have to. Just sit back and enjoy the good looks of that metal monster. +Paul WilcoxAndroid… Read more

Google’s Jelly Bean Statue Heats Up, Blows Head Off

Looks like Jelly Bean is hot, hot hot — literally as the Jelly Bean statue gracing the Googleplex lawn overheated and popped its head off. Who says there is no heat wave going around now? Unfortunately, some less than decent folks decided this was a perfect opportunity to grab a few souvenirs and made off with a few of the Jelly Beans inside…. Read more