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Samsung Confirms All Canadian Galaxy S III Handsets Will Recieve 50GB In Dropbox Storage

Samsung has confirmed that all Canadian versions of the Galaxy S III will be eligible for the 50GB Dropbox promotion giving users an extra 48GB (plus the standard 2GB) of storage for two years. The company gave the following statement. “New GS III users will receive a basic 2GB of free space with Dropbox (It is permanent). When they create their own… Read more

Google Drive vs Dropbox Showdown [Video]

With the recent arrival of Google Drive, there’s no question that the service is similar to the reigning cloud backup king, Dropbox. So how exactly do the two compare? After nearly 20 hours of being on Google Drive’s “waiting list,” we’re in. Here’s the full comparison, with video! Web App Both Drive and Dropbox have web apps that allow you to… Read more

Dropbox for Android Beta gets a new build, adds plenty of new features and extra free space

The Dropbox for Android application is a great app for anyone out there who wants to be able to store information, images, and documents in the cloud, and have easy access to it wherever you go. The company has released a brand new build of the Dropbox for Android Beta, and with it comes plenty of new features, as well as the incentive to gain some… Read more