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Super Stickman Golf App Review

I happen to be a golfer, but you don’t need to play the sport to enjoy a game that makes it a lot easier. Super Stickman Golf is an intuitive, simple and free game that can keep just about anyone interested for hours on end. Now it’s one of those apps I fire up to burn spare time, probably replacing Angry Birds as my #1 time killer. Interested? Want to see… Read more

Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro free from Amazon today

If you open up Amazon’s App Store on Android today you’ll see that Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro is the current free offering. The strategic dice game usually runs $0.99 for the add-free version. Gameplay consists of moving dice into a 4 X 4 grid in an attempt to create straights, number combos, and various collections of the multi-colored dice. Point earning lines… Read more