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Dell Mini 5 / Streak


The Dell streak is one big phone, with specs to match. The Streak’s biggest draw is it’s 5 inch gorilla glass screen. Processor: 1ghz snapdragon Screen: 5″ 480×854 Camera: 5MP LED flash back ; VGA front Memory: 256MB Ram / 512MB ROM Extras: wifi ; GPS ; Bluetooth ; HDMI out ; 1530 mAH… Read more

Dell Streaks tested in Seattle

We already knew that it’s big, and we knew it will ship with the Android Kindle app. And unlike the original source of these photos, we already knew it will come in a variety of colors, including red. We also knew that it has cleared the FCC with AT&T 3G bands, but one key bit of information we don’t have on Dell’s Streak – previously known as the Mini 5 -… Read more

Dell’s growing tablets

This shouldn’t be surprizing considering that Dell’s Streak – what amounts to a giant Android handset (albeit a special one) reportedly dropping this Summer – was initially called the Mini 5. The computer OEM has two more Android tablets on deck: one with a 7″ screen and the other with a 10″screen, both of which officially make the Mini 5 miniature in… Read more

Dell’s Mini 5 (Streak) gets more interesting by the day

I have to admit that Dell’s Mini 5 has been more of a curiosity to me than a potential wish list contender. It looks really nice, has a glorious 5″ WVGA screen and a 5MP cam, but who wants to lug that thing around in their pocket? It can’t be comfortable, and that makes it an unlikely purchase or recommendation for me. However, Dell’s bulky gadget just… Read more

Dell Streak headed to AT&T with Eclair?

Yes, I’m posting the same leak video I did last month, featuring the guy whose videos inspire more thumb comments than a Richard Gear story ever did those of the gerbil variety. I think it’s cool that the dude hung onto the seemingly superfluous digit – not an easy task in any modern culture. On the other hand, I have no mercy for his my-heart-will-go-on… Read more