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Poll: How Would You Change The Nexus Q?

When Google unveiled the Nexus Q at its I/O conference in June developers wondered what exactly it was capable of. Apparently, Google themselves have come to wonder the same thing considering they’ve chosen to give out free units to customers who pre-ordered. As it sits, the Nexus Q is only able to stream your Google Play content from the cloud. This… Read more

HTC One V Now Supports Media Link HD

Those of you with an HTC One V will likely receive a notification soon that an update is now available for you to download.  This new update weighs in at 46.77MB and will bring the software version to 2.08.401.2.  Additionally, users will now have the ability to stream their media to the HTC Media Link HD device allowing you to view your media on a… Read more

MKB Reviews: SoundCloud for Android

SoundCloud is a web-based music sharing/streaming service that has been around for a while now – Long enough to adjust and refine their mobile experience and develop an Android application. The recent release of Spotify in the United States has attracted a lot of buzz to cloud music streaming lately, so let’s take a deeper look at a competitor that has been… Read more