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Google Adds Street View Of 9/11 Memorial And Central Park, Hurricane Sandy Recovery Map

Google has been expanding their maps to new places for a long time, and this time they’re adding new Street View data to places in New York. The first is the 9/11 memorial, allowing you to tour the area from the comfort of your own computer. You can also view the names of the victims on the edges. It’s a great way to visit the area if you can’t make it… Read more

Google Maps Creates Street View Of Entire Lucas Oil Stadium

View Larger Map If you’ve ever wanted to walk through the Colts’ home stadium, the Lucas Oil Stadium, you can do so anytime you want from the comfort of your own home. Google has mapped the entire stadium side with their Google Street View technology. You can walk around the field, through the locker rooms, across every level, and even the suites…. Read more

Get an Inside Look As To How Google Maps Is Made

Often we use Google Maps on a daily basis with no idea as to how Google was able to develop this massive database we’ve come to love. Well The Atlantic had the opportunity to get a inside look at Google’s “Ground Truth” project and has given it’s readers a behind the scenes insight. The Google project is an attempt to build the most accurate maps… Read more

Google Street View: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

They’re coming to get you Barbara… there’s one of them now! Tumblr user WONDER-TONIC has whipped up an “extremely experimental” little game using Google Street View that’ll have you running for your life from hoards of the undead. The way it works is fairly simple: head on over to the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE page, where you can either enter your address… Read more