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Google Street View Mapping Grand Canyon For Your Viewing Pleasure

Have you ever wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but considered it too much walking? If so, you worry me. But luckily for you (and all of us who just want to see the Grand Canyon on our work break), Google is bringing Street View there, using its camera backpacks and some employees exploring. Sure, photos can’t capture the real beauty, but it’s a damn… Read more

Google Adds Underwater Maps To Street View

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7syWPIZt9B4&feature=player_embedded How far will Google go to map the world for everyone to see? The answer is: Even underwater. Yes, they’ve created Street View footage underwater in various locations, like Australia, the Philippines, and Hawaii. It’s hard to comprehend how complete Google is trying to make their maps…. Read more

Street View Of Antarctic Now Avaiable

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7VzVTNN6DA&feature=player_embedded Google, the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota and the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust have teamed up together to create a large amount of Street view content in Antarctica. There are many landmarks shown off, including the ceremonial South Pole and Shackleton’s… Read more

Google Street View Backpack Is Android Powered And Heavy

There are many places where people want Street View, but the Google trucks can’t drive. Sometimes, they can’t even get a bike to traverse the area. So what do they do? Make an Android powered backpack with a ball of cameras above your head. This will allow them to collect street view data in places previously impossible to get to with their cameras…. Read more