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Rumors of HTC T6 Phablet Now Include Specs

Last time we heard about the HTC T6, we learned that it would be a phablet in the 5-6 inch range. We knew very little about it, but it got a little hype going. The latest round of rumors gives it a full spec list, and it really piqued our interest. According to this new info, it will indeed be a phablet, rocking a 5.9 inch full HD display. It’ll also… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Gets First Release Date, In The UK

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II finally has a release date, unfortunately it’s a release date for the UK, and well over a month before its expected to launch on US carriers in mid-November. The Note II will be available unlocked from Samsung’s flagship London store in, and “all major networks” in the UK including Three, O2 and Vodafone. No official… Read more

New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Shown Off

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eueOIjW5cIo&feature=player_embedded The redesigned Note 10.1 tablet, the true successor to the Tab 10.1, has been shown off on video. With the redesign comes the 1.4 GHz quad core Exynos with the incredible Mali-400 GPU and an S-Pen slot in the body. The biggest problem with the Tab 10.1 was the digitizer detecting touch… Read more

Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Note 10.1 With S-Pen Integration

Rumors of a revamped 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Note have been around for some time, and now thanks to the boys from Tablet Community, we’re seeing the real deal. The follow-up to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and big brother to a 5.3-inch sibling) now has a slot to keep it’s S-Pen stylus in, making for a much easier experience with the stylus. This time around,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy SIII Accessories Shown Off To Camera

The official Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories received a little attention, each getting their own small video demoing them. Unfortunately, it seems that they didn’t have an actual Galaxy SIII to show how they work, but it’s nice to get a look at the accessories nonetheless. First accessory is the Samsung C-Pen. The first thing that comes to mind is of… Read more

SDK for Samsung’s Galaxy Note “S Pen” released

Samsung’s Galaxy Note has been quite the interesting device. Just a little too big for a phone, yet just a little too small to be a tablet. Its also been advertised as a note taker, with its special “S Pen” (basically a stylus). Samsung wants to allow the pen to be used to the best of its ability, and has released an SDK specifically for it. Allowing… Read more