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Swiftkey Introduces Their “Flow” Gesture Keyboard With The Release Of Swiftkey 4

There are few apps that remind me just how amazing the open-source default app replacement culture is on Android more than Swiftkey. Which is why the introduction of Swiftkey 4 excites me to no end as their “Flow” gesture typing is a major step forward for the Swiftkey platform and by default one of the most popular, if not the most popular Android… Read more

New Version Of SwiftKey Flow Beta Released

SwiftKey Flow beta has continually been updated and improved, getting better and better with each release. With this new one, there are a ton of bug fixes to make your typing experience easier. Here’s a full changelog: Changes in this version: * Fixed crash on changing keyboards * Fixed force close on clicking update language * Fixed other… Read more

SwiftKey Team Updates The Flow Beta To v4.0.0.61, Brings Bugfixes

If you’ve been using the SwiftKey Flow beta, you know it isn’t perfect. SwiftKey 3 from the Play Store tends to be more stable, but people like us have to stay on the cutting edge. Which is why you should be thankful that SwiftKey Flow was updated today. It is now at version and fixes a ton of bugs. If you want the updated version, hit the… Read more

SwiftKey Flow Beta Available For Download

SwiftKey Flow, the keyboard we’ve been so excited for, has finally launched in its beta stage. SwiftKey Flow builds on the standard (and fantastic) SwiftKey keyboard, complete with word prediction and learning how you type. With Flow, you also get continuous typing. You can swipe across letters, stringing them together into words predicted as you type…. Read more

SwiftKey Flow Is Coming In Less Than 24 Hours

You probably already know how excited we are about SwiftKey Flow. To me, it’s a bigger app release than any game could muster. As the app I use most, SwiftKey is central to the operation of my Android phone. SwiftKey Flow just aims to make it much better, and from the looks of it, it will easily succeed. CMO of SwiftKey Joe Braidwood just made… Read more

Swiftkey’s ‘Flow Through Space’ Shows New Keyboard In Action

Swiftkey has just revealed their “Flow Through Space’ YouTube video that shows its new keyboard, Flow, in action. Swiftkey’s new Flow keyboard combines the personalized prediction that we love from Swiftkey with the continuous input we love from Swype to create what may possibly be the best touchscreen keyboard out there. SwiftKey Flow will allow its… Read more

Deal Alert: Swiftkey Black Friday Sale Offers 50% Off.

Here’s a deal you shouldn’t pass up as Swiftkey is half price for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Swiftkey is easily the first app I install with every new Android device that comes my way and with Swiftkey Flow on the horizon, this is a must-have for any Android devotee. Grab the offer now at the Google Play link below before its too late! Google… Read more