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Deal Alert: Swiftkey Black Friday Sale Offers 50% Off.

Here’s a deal you shouldn’t pass up as Swiftkey is half price for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Swiftkey is easily the first app I install with every new Android device that comes my way and with Swiftkey Flow on the horizon, this is a must-have for any Android devotee. Grab the offer now at the Google Play link below before its too late! Google… Read more

SwiftKey On Sale For Only $0.99

If anyone is looking for a new keyboard, there’s quite the deal available for you. SwiftKey 3 is currently on sale for $0.99, down from its typical price of $3.99. I can personally recommend SwiftKey, and most of the DroidDog team can as well. It’s the keyboard of choice for many, and another great reason that Android is so open. If you’re… Read more

SwiftKey 3 On Sale For $1!

SwiftKey, probably the greatest keyboard ever to grace the Play Store, is now on sale. It is only a dollar right now, even though it’s easily worth the full price. Not only is it fast and smooth, but the predictions are unrivaled. It will read your mind. Personally, I just bought it. Uninstalled the version I got from the Amazon Appstore. It was the… Read more

SwiftKey Launches Analytics To Help Improve It

SwiftKey has launched “SwiftKey Analytics” which is an experimental new app that collects mathematical data about how you use SwiftKey. It is identical to SwiftKey 3.0.1 otherwise, which is the current Play Store version out. This is exclusive to VIP members, so not just anyone can have it. The data collected is fully anonymous and does not contain… Read more

SwiftKey Updated To 3.0.1, New Themes And Languages

SwiftKey has been updated to 3.0.1, and this update brings a few significant changes. The first is themes. There are two new themes included, sky blue and fuchsia. Neither is particularly attractive to me, but I’m a fan of dark and sleek (like the stock cobalt theme). It also adds two languages, Malay and Urdu, making the total number of supported… Read more

Swiftkey 3 Now Out Of Beta, A Must Download For $1.99

If I had to pick just one app that makes or breaks my Android experience, it would have to be Swiftkey, a replacement keyboard I absolutely, positively cannot live without. With its new spacing prediction that has been tweaked, and tweaked and tweaked a little more in beta, the final version is now available from Google Play for half-off. This temporary… Read more

SwiftKey update in the works

Ever since starting to first use SwiftKey a couple weeks ago, I haven’t been able to stop. Not only does the app look incredibly slick, but it features the best word prediction techniques I ever seen on a keyboard. Instead of using a bar near the top of the keys to only predict what you’re trying to say, SwiftKey tries to also predict what you’re going… Read more

Video: SwiftKey for tablets

Popular keyboard replacement developer SwiftKey has come out today and announced their newest keyboard design to be used strictly with tablets: SwiftKey Tablet. The new Honeycomb inspired SwiftKey Tablet features an awesome Tron-esque color scheme along with “50% greater text entry efficiency than other market solutions,” support for 14 languages,… Read more