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Swype Beta Updated With Many Fixes

Swype has so far been the undisputed king of swiping keyboards on Android. Even though SwiftKey recently released their version of swiping, dubbed Flow, Swype still has them beat by a little. It’s simply a bit more accurate. So if you’re a dedicated Swype user, there is an update available for the beta keyboard. Here is the full changelog: Swype Beta… Read more

Swiftkey Introduces Their “Flow” Gesture Keyboard With The Release Of Swiftkey 4

There are few apps that remind me just how amazing the open-source default app replacement culture is on Android more than Swiftkey. Which is why the introduction of Swiftkey 4 excites me to no end as their “Flow” gesture typing is a major step forward for the Swiftkey platform and by default one of the most popular, if not the most popular Android… Read more

Android 4.2 Keyboard With Swiping Now Available For 4.0+ Devices

The biggest feature to hit the Android keyboard in 4.2 is gesture typing, where you swipe across letters to write words, like Swype. Well, if you were wondering how it worked, you can try it out now. The full Android keyboard is available for download for almost any Android 4.0+ unrooted phone. To install, you need to have any phone running Ice Cream… Read more

Swype Beta Updated To 1.3, Many New Features

Swype Beta has received a hearty update to version 1.3, and it brings a lot of new and very useful features. The first you notice is probably the look. Swype now comes with 10 different themes that you can choose from, and though they look very similar, it’s a very nice touch. They also have a new feature called “Hotwords,” which populates your… Read more