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Swype to get ICS compatibility at the end of January

One of the main interface options for the Android OS is the soft keyboard.  One of the community’s favorite soft keyboards is Swype. For those that don’t know, they revolutionized touchscreen typing by allowing individuals to trace their “path” along a set of keys to form words. This, as demoed in videos, was a quick and efficient process. Well,… Read more

Swype Beta now includes Dragon dictation for speech-to-text

The third-party keyboard replacement Swype is one of the most popular user-replaceable keyboards out there, and it’s one of the selling points for some phones out there, including plenty of new devices from Motorola. But while Swype is great in its current state, the newest Beta for the software now includes a new feature: speech-to-text, which should add… Read more

Swype goes micro to save space, EVOs now error free

When all things are taken into consideration, and some Android devices are stuck with around 200MB internal storage, one virtual keyboard taking up 10MB can be a pain. Thankfully, Swype recognizes that and has a solution. Available now through the Swype Beta Installer, is a new “micro” version of the keyboard that comes with a lot less language support,… Read more

Swype beta re-opened for a limited time

I’ll keep this short and sweet to ensure as many of you grab this while you can. Swype has announced through Gizmodo.com that for the holidays, the Swype beta is open again for a limited time. This doesn’t happen too often so if you aren’t already using the revolutionary keyboard, jump on it. Beta link. Via… Read more

Swype Beta update

Fans of the popular Android virtual keyboard Swype will be happy to know that the company has made a new Beta apk available for download for registered Beta testers. The update includes a number of device-specific and universal bug fixes, as well as a great deal of improvement in regards to issues caused by international support. The company sent out an… Read more

Nifty Swype themes for MetaMorph users

It’s been a whole since I themed a keyboard using MetaMorph, but I remember the process being fairly painless. Regardless, I know there are a number of hackers out there that will be ready to dive into this, experienced or not. @MotorJonny has developed a set of Swype themes for the Samsung Vibrant that range in flavor from wood panelling to hard light… Read more

Voice input coming soon to Swype

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Swype, this quick explanation should help. Swype is a keyboard replacement that works in an innovative way. Instead of just typing on the keyboard, you use your finger to trace through words. Once you lift your finger, an algorithm built into Swype determines what word you are trying to use based on the letters your… Read more

Swype for Nexus One easily accessible

Making things easy for our readers is something we strive for here at DroidDog, and in that vein, we wanted to give you a quick heads up about getting the Swype keyboard for your Nexus One. By now, you’ve probably at least heard about Swype in some way or another, but just in case you haven’t, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the features. First and… Read more