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MyTouch 3G 1.2 Shipping With Swype

While T-mobile has been getting ready for the new MyTouch 3G 1.2 (just a MT3G with a little more RAM and a 3.5mm jack), by doing things like lowering the price of the original MyTouch to $99, more and more news keeps coming to the surface about this mysterious device. This particular tid-bit happens to be of the Swype variety (you know, that crazy new… Read more

Swype tutorial

Here’s a video from droid life that walks you through the installation of Swype – not just a new keyboard, but a new method of typing. Man, I should be in advertizing. Swype will be in the Market before too long, but for the time being you’ll have to do this the hard way. Written instructions from Droid Life are after the break…. Read more

Swype on Android

For the unfamiliar, Swype is a new method of typing that allows a user to simply drag their finger from one letter to the next in order to spell out a word. Noah from PhoneDog went through the tutorial on video using Samsung’s WinMo-powered Omnia II. Here, we see MobileCrunch’s Greg Kumparak running a beta copy of the Android Swype on an HTC Eris. I… Read more

Swype: learning to type all over again?

Maybe I went a bit far with the title, but that’s what I think whenever a “revolutionary” new method of inputing text comes along. The first time I encountered handwriting recognition was when I purchased an orange handspring visor. I tried to learn the chicken scratch equivalents for each letter, but decided in the end that it was much quicker to simply… Read more