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Google Sync Services Now Offers To Sync App Data

It looks like Google is throwing in some features without telling us. If you head to your sync settings, you might see a new entry. “Sync App Data” has now been thrown into the fray, without any explanation to what it does. However, it’s quite easy to assume. This may be the new sync service for Google Play Games, a service that has been found in… Read more

Samsung S Pebble Renamed Muse For The US, Only $49

The Samsung S Pebble is an interesting little accessory. With 4GB of internal memory, it’s meant to be both a standalone music player and a companion to your Galaxy device (like Galaxy S II, S III, Note, Note II and others). It is a screen-less pebble music player with controls on the front. It is not meant to be connected to your computer; you have to… Read more

ClipSync: Seamless Copy And Paste Between Devices

I’m an avid user of the Google Chrome browser extension and app Chrome to Phone.  I love being able to send links, text, numbers, whatever from my computer to my Epic 4G Touch.  The other day, I was thinking it would be super handy if I could do the same sort of thing between my Nexus 7 and my phone.  The thought passed, or I got distracted by… Read more

Dead Trigger Update Coming Soon, Brings Fantastic Features!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcecaYEXTXw&feature=player_embedded#! Looking for something to get excited about? Look no further. Madfinger Games has announced the Dead Trigger 1.1.0 update, and it looks absolutely incredible. They’re throwing in two new guns, two new melee weapons (how cool is that chainsaw?!), new environments, new zombies (I can tell… Read more

Facebook Knows Users Need More than Just an @facebook Address

Social Networking Goliath, Facebook, has decided to clarify the recent decision to hide users’ email addresses. Although the company fully intended on hiding addresses online, they do understand that the email address can be vitally important when out on the go. To further clarify, Facebook wants you to have email addresses on your phone, just not on… Read more

Insync: Google Docs Desktop Sync! [Video]

You may have already heard of Dropbox, a popular cloud-based service that syncs copies of your files to every platform. For months I have been searching for a multiplatform Google Docs based equivalent, and we may have finally found it. Introducing: Insync! This service uses Google Docs storage and syncs files the same way Dropbox did with the webapp,… Read more

MKB Reviews: GNotes

You may have seen our previous review of a free app from the same developer: GTasks. GNotes is a similar note-taking application that allows you to synchronize with your Gmail account instead of with Google Tasks itself. This allows you to attach audio clips, photos and other files much like you can with the ubiquitous Evernote app on most platforms. If… Read more