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MKB Reviews: Evernote 3.0

Are you in need of a multi-platform, cloud-syncing, note-taking application that will work on your Android phone? Are you not already using Evernote? Look no further! This application is highly polished and very useful for the organization enthusiast within you. You can search notes with keywords, tag them with location and even format text and insert… Read more

New HTC Sync

For those Magic, Hero, and Tattoo owners running either Windows XP or Vista, HTC has a new sync app (v 2.0.8) available for download here. This one syncs contact photos, time, and features “media enhancements” (though I think “media enhancements” may refer to the contact photos). I don’t have a Windows computer, so I can’t test this one out. Any one have a… Read more

Funambol: cross-platform cloud-syncing

I’ve covered Funambol before at PhoneDog, but I think these videos deserve a bump here at the new site. For those who want to sync their contacts (and later, calendar, notes, and tasks) across different platforms, Funambol is the most flexible solution I’ve found yet. Check it out in action in the first video below. I sync my contacts between an iPod, a… Read more