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Register with T-Mobile for G-Slate updates

T-Mobile has revealed a product updates page for their forthcoming Honeycomb tablet, LG’s G-Slate. Drop in your name, email, and check a couple of boxes, and you’ll be set to receive email updates when more information about the G-Slate is available. I’m guessing that T-Mobile customers, as per the standard, will get dibs on pre-orders and then first… Read more

LG V900 goes through FCC, most likely T-Mobile’s G-Slate

We haven’t heard much of anything about T-Mobile’s upcoming LG Slate yet, outside of a rumored late March/early April launch and perhaps even 3D glasses. T-Mobile and LG announced the Honeycomb-rockin’ 4G tablet at CES in Vegas, immediately posting a series of teaser videos that showed off Android 3.0, rather than the G-Slate itself. We still don’t have… Read more