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New Gingerbread package for G2 surfaces online

This isn’t the first time a Gingerbread image for the T-Mobile G2 has been made available online, but according to build numbers and the original poster, the one available now over in the XDA forums is finally the real deal. There aren’t many details on exactly what this update includes, fixes or enhancements wise, but so far everything looks great…. Read more

Video: Dogfight! Nexus S vs. G2 vs. myTouch 4G

If you’re an Android aficionado on T-Mobile, and you’re looking to score a new device, chances are you’ve been looking at the Nexus S, HTC G2, or myTouch 4G. Specs wise, the three are pretty similar. There have different processors, different amounts of memory, and different screens among others, but performance wise they are all on par. So which one should… Read more

G2 on sale for $49.99 on T-Mobile.com

With Christmas only 12 days away, hopefully you have most of your holiday shopping done and over with. If you don’t, then have we got the gift for the techie in your family. If you head on over to T-Mobile.com and take a look at the T-Mobile G2, then you’ll see that you can take an extra $200 off making the device $49.99 on a new 2 year… Read more

How to unroot the T-Mobile G2

Just the other day, someone asked me for instructions on “unrooting” their HTC G2. Whether it was because they simply missed the good ol’ days, or needed to send in their gadget for warranty repairs, I dont know. But I didn’t have a link to a step-by-step guide handy, only a few Google search suggestions. If I’m asked again, I’ll know exactly what to say:… Read more

Get your Clockwork Recovery, G2 owners

One of the most popular recovery images, Clockwork, can now be installed on your T-Mobile G2, simply by grabbing ROM Manager from the Market. There is a Free version and a Premium version that runs $4.99. ROM Manager makes it easy to flash different cooked ROMs from within the Android OS (or at least to queue the flash, which will trigger a reboot and… Read more

G2 permanent root finally achieved

Near the beginning of October, a “think tank” thread was started at xda-developers with the purpose of overcoming the problems surrounding the hacking of T-Mobile’s G2. Primarily, to achieve permanent root access to the device, as the solutions up to that point were rendered impotent with every reboot. The think tank is a success though, as permanent… Read more

Coming G2 OTA brings Wi-Fi calling/tethering

David over at TMoNews has proof of the timing of an expected pending update for HTC’s QWERTY slider, the G2. The screenshot, of Magenta’s internal system, indicates that an over-the-air update will be rolling out to the HSPA+ gadget from November 3rd through November 8th. Included are Wi-Fi calling and tethering support, though reps are discouraged from… Read more

Source code for T-Mobile G2 and HTC Desire Z go live

HTC has a couple of goodies for the hacking sector of the Android community today in the form of source code releases. Not only did the source code for the G2 and Desire Z go live today, but so did a maintenance release for the Incredible. Unfortunately, this won’t do much for obtaining permanent root on the G2. Once that nasty nand problem is taken… Read more

[PhoneDog] Dogfight! Epic VS G2

You may have seen a ton of coverage on both these devices from our very own John Walton here at DroidDog, but you still can’t say no to a good ol’ fashion Dogfight. Aaron from Phonedog has two of the best QWERTY packin’ Androids around and is pitting them together to see who reigns supreme. It’s the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G VS T-Mobile HTC G2 with… Read more