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G2 overclocked to 1.3GHz [UPDATE]

Begin update: Michael was kind enough to share a link in the comments to the XDA thread with the appropriate downloads and information to get your G2 headed down the fast lane. There’s also some proper screen shots and the same video that you’ll find below. The usual “only you are responsible for what you do to your device” disclaimer applies. End… Read more

HTC G2 (T-Mobile) full review

HTC’s G2 on T-Mobile represents the next step in the vanilla Android pseudo-official Google phone roadmap. The G1, an HTC device, launched in the fall of 2008, establishing Android as a new force on the mobile scene and serving as a guinea pig for app producers. A year and some months later, Google sold their HTC Nexus One from their own online shop (the… Read more

T-Mobile G2 update brings tethering and Wi-Fi calling

Good news for current and potential T-Mobile G2 owners: just 6 days after the official launch, an OTA update that began rolling out this morning brings the recently announced Wi-Fi calling feature as well as the missing tethering functionality via Wi-Fi hotspot creation. The update reportedly also updates the system radio and includes a few minor fixes…. Read more

My last G2 SpeedTest video…for now

If you’ve been following our G2 coverage, you know that HSPA+ speeds in my current home city, Charlotte, NC, have been a major issue for me. After all, the two key selling points for the G2 are the hardware keyboard and 4G speeds. Am I right? Well, I’ve found myself relying almost exclusively on the included virtual keyboard, Swype, and pretty much ignoring… Read more

T-Mobile G2 display in sunlight

Until we see mobile phones with full color, high resolution, rapid refreshing e-ink displays, viewing a touch screen in the sun is likely to remain a challenge. I have yet to find a touch display device that can be easily viewed outside in the daylight, and the G2 hasn’t ended my quest. Still, the 3.7″, 800 x 480 screen does pretty much as well as the other… Read more

T-Mobile G2 camera software, photo and video samples

I’m impressed with T-Mobile’s G2 overall; I like the materials, I like the way the keyboard slides out from underneath the screen, I feel pretty good about the QWERTY itself, and I love the software. One of the more pleasant surprizes has been the quality of the 5MP camera stills, so I thought I should record a simple walk through of the camera software and… Read more

4G SpeedTest follow-up: G2 vs. EVO, T-Mobile vs. Sprint

If you watched my first 4G SpeedTest showdown, you know that T-Mobile didn’t exactly come out on top as I had hoped. Since T-Mobile (and all other information I can find) confirms that there’s really no way to tell if your accessing HSPA rather than HSPA+ outside of the speeds you experience, we have to consider the possibility that I was connected to their… Read more

T-Mobile G2 gets rooted already

No, it’s not a groundbreaking piece of news when a vanilla Android, HTC phone gets rooted, but it is encouraging to know that it’s still happening, and at an incredibly rapid pace. After all, the G2 is just getting unboxed. This particular hack is only temporary, meaning that you lose root access once the phone reboots. However, it can’t be too long… Read more

4G SpeedTest Showdown: G2, EVO, Epic, R2-D2 DROID (3G) [UPDATED]

UPDATE:The highest speeds attained with my G2 so far are 5,951 kbps down and 1,326 kbps up, achieved in separate tests. Also, a T-Mobile rep has confirmed that HSPA and HSPA+ connections are not differentiated by an icon in the notification bar, or in any other way that would be apparent to an end user. Many other people have reported blazing fast speeds… Read more