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T-Mobile G2 (Blaze) from Wal-Mart

Today has been a big day for the G2. We’ve seen our first finished product leak just hours ago, and now thanks to Wal-Mart, we may know a little more. On the wireless section of the Wal-Mart website, the guys from over at Cell Phone Signal have discovered what looks to be a page reservation for the “HTC G2 Blaze.” The rumored release date for the G2 is… Read more

G2 slide mechanism revealed

Engadget just “got a second batch” of G2 shots, and this one clearly pictures the sliding mechanism for revealing the Touch Pro 2-esque hardware QWERTY with *gasp* staggered keys. Rather than swiveling out to the side, like the G1s screen did, it looks as though this one arches away from the body. Which, while it could be more prone to mid-position… Read more

T-Mobile’s first true HSPA+ phone is G2

Remember the Magenta site dedicated to HSPA+ that teased us with a silhouette of some mystery phone? Yes, the one with “Vanguard” hidden in the source code. Vanguard being the code name of a phone that this roadmap says will launch on September 9th. Well, all of the pieces are starting to fall into place and it looks as though the Vision is the… Read more

T-Mobile G2 and myTouch HD updates

Multiple sources that have independently tipped TMoNews, Android and Me, and Android Spin, and the general consensus is that the HTC Desire Z, a.k.a., Vision, a.k.a., G1 Blaze, is actually the G2 and will launch in September with a vanilla Google experience running Android 2.2. This will be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ device. The second part of the story is… Read more