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New Leaked Image Shows HTC One In Black

HTC’s event is just a few days away and thanks to @evleaks, we have another image of the unofficially titled HTC One device, this time in Black.  The HTC One is rumored to arrive on March 22nd on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, with Verizon releasing it later on although no exact date has been given.  Let’s take a look again at a few of the specs for… Read more

Black Samsung Galaxy S3 Appears on T-Mobile Site

For a device that has yet to be officially announced, the existence of a  Black Samsung Galaxy S3 has become more of a reality, now with US Carrier T-Mobile essentially confirming the phone via it’s site. Hints of the darker shade of the Galaxy SIII were shown in Germany back in June, yet people were still skeptical. Then Samsung had displayed… Read more

Samsung Exhibit 4G headed for T-Mobile

David from TMoNews has a hefty image leak featuring numerous snaps of Sammy’s SGH-T759, a.k.a., Exhibit. The About Phone screen reveals that the gadget is rocking Android 2.3.3. Virtually every other technical aspect of the device, save a middling Quadrant rating, is rumor at this point. David’s ninja claims a 1.4GHz ARM11 processor, 5 MP cam that… Read more

Charles Barkley gets down for T-Mobile

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you probably know by now that we have a strange love affair with unusual advertising; we can’t get enough. When T-Mobile, the self-proclaimed king of Android, put out a new ad starring Charles Barkley, I knew exactly where it was going. It’s no Winamp promo (is your music of play yet?), but it’s pretty… Read more

T-Mobile to host the rugged Motorola DEFY

Well, of course, the Oprah Winfrey show is the perfect venue for announcing a new mobile device. Why not? (Please refrain from jokes about MOTOBLUR bloatware and Oprah — I did.) That’s exactly what Motorola did with the DEFY, an Android phone slated to launch on T-Mobile soon. The device’s focus is squarely on being sturdy and resistent, whether it… Read more

Beta testing for T-Mobile’s Device Tune-up now live

Well played T-Mobile, well played. It seems the guys and gals over at T-Mobile have developed quite the interesting app just thrown into beta. Device Tune-up, as it will be known, is being billed as something like an automatic task manger, with a little more functionality built in (i.e. brightness control). They say Device Tune-up will run in the… Read more

Garminfone. T-Mobile. June. $200.

That’s $200 with a new contract and qualifying plan, $450 outright. T-Mobile has bundled some services and apps together, but underneath, this one has all of the features of a Garmin Navigation unit that you would find in a car and will be controlled via a 3.5″ touch screen. Can Garmin compete with Google in the cell phone navigation department? After… Read more

T-Mobile announces myTouch 3G Slide with Android 2.1

Meet the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide.  The myTouch 3G Slide has a 5MP AF camera with flash, 3.4″ HVGA touchscreen, comes with an 8GB microSD card, and (of course) has a full QWERTY keyboard.  When not using the slide-out keyboard, users can input text with the Swype on-screen keyboard, pre-installed. The device runs Android 2.1 with a layer of T-Mobile… Read more