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T-Mobile myTouch Slide possibly Delayed

Our sister site, TMoNews, has been feeding us all sorts of juicy bits regarding the long-awaited successor to the G1; The myTouch Slide.  The latest rumor is that the Slide launch will be pushed to June 2nd.  They seem pretty confident with the source. Source:… Read more

Your destination is on the right; Garminfone finds T-Mobile

T-Mobile recently announced they will be offering the Garminfone by Garmin.  This is the first Android device to be integrated with Garmin’s navigation software and services.  It has a 3.5″ TFT, capacitive, touchscreen, which is on-par with entry-level GPS units, but larger than the majority of Android phones.  It’s preloaded with North American Maps… Read more

HTC Incredible coming to T-Mobile?

Check out these shots of a CostCo internal system, leaked over at Android Forums. It shows T-Mobile as the vendor for HTC’s Incredible with a price tag of $199 (on contract, I assume). The original Phandroid post points out that this could simply be an honest mistake. But it is fun to consider! Via Phandroid by way of… Read more

Cliq XT: get it while it’s hot!

If you were waiting for the Cliq XT, a keyboard-less Cliq, then you are good to go. Need a quick refresher course? The Cliq XT features MOTOBLUR, 5MP camera with LED flash, 320 x 480 screen, and just about everything else you would expect to come on a newer Android device. The only bad thing is Android 1.5, but with a potential update in the making and… Read more

Cliq XT Wears T-Mobile Like A Glove

Not much to report here other than we now have a little more proof the Cliq XT (AKA Zepplin) will land on T-Mobile USA before too long now. It still sports BLUR and comes with no keyboard, but that’s not all. The sides of the phone are touch sensitive so you can select apps and what-have-you, something that hasn’t really been mentioned before. The Cliq XT… Read more

MyTouch 3G 1.2 Shipping With Swype

While T-mobile has been getting ready for the new MyTouch 3G 1.2 (just a MT3G with a little more RAM and a 3.5mm jack), by doing things like lowering the price of the original MyTouch to $99, more and more news keeps coming to the surface about this mysterious device. This particular tid-bit happens to be of the Swype variety (you know, that crazy new… Read more

myTouch 3G Limited Edition: Clapton

It looks like this phone has taken the nickname, “Clapton,” according to the title of the video below, posted to T-Mo’s official YouTube account. Maybe that’s the name of the commercial. Does that make this the God of phones? Sounds like a good title to me, and this phone needs all the extra style it can get at this price. Don’t get me wrong; I love the… Read more

G1 getting 2.0 this month?

Well, it’s not much to go on but there is a little bit of buzz on Twitter that the G1 will see and update by the end of January. Most people are assuming this update will bring Android 2.x to the old beater. I’m taking this for what it is. We’ll see. Via Android… Read more

T-Mobile offers Android from the Clearence Shelf

The guys over at TmoNews have word that T-Mobile will be cutting the prices of all their Android devices starting January 15th. Its not uncommon for carriers to lower prices for newer incoming devices. T-Mobile will be launching the Mytouch 3G Fender edition on January 20th. The new price point will be: T-Mobile G1 $99.99 with 2 year… Read more

Fender myTouch 3G Limited Edition comes January 20th

It seems like this device has been bumped back a couple of times, though I don’t recall any officially announced dates being blown. There was talk of a December 30th launch at one point but it looks like the latest rumored date – January 20th – has now been set in stone. At least that’s when the ads will begin, featuring Eric Clapton and other… Read more