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Nexus One pricing… Oh, I get it!

The folks over at Gizmodo have leaked internal documents regarding the sale of the company’s Nexus One Android device, and it seems like people are generally unhappy with what we’ve seen. The phone will be $530 unlocked at google.com/phone (currently blank) and $180 subsidized by a two-year contract with T-Mobile. What has people griping is that the… Read more

And finally, a decent video review of Nexus One

Oh man, have I been waiting for this. There’s nothing mind-blowing going on here (in the sense that we’ve been able to piece together the contained information through lesser leaks), but this is the first coherent, cohesive walk-through of the Nexus One. Thank you to the poster from PointGPhone, and thanks for posting in English. It is much appreciated…. Read more

Motorola Cliq update

There’s a Cliq update in the air tonight, folks, and I am glad to say that it should take care of that glitchy, drifting, touch calibration. I’m not sure what kind of interest there is in seeing me update the Cliq, but maybe those of you who are new to Android and haven’t received an update notification will appreciate it. Improvements, as listed at… Read more

Behold II is official

PhoneDog’s Adriana Lee was at Samsung’s Behold event in NYC today and she’s announcing a $229 price tag on contract for the November 18th street date. (See update after the vid.) I’m not sure I like that news, T-Mo. $200 was kinda pushing it in the eyes of many consumers. The good news is the Adriana had this to say texting from the event: “It’s much… Read more

Samsung Behold II price leaks

TMoNews is at it again with the leaked T-Mobile internal documents and this one says that Behold II (which is launching on November 18th, incidentally) will cost $449 outright, $199 with a two-year contract/extension, and $22.50 a month for 20 months – interest free – on T-Mo’s new Even More Plus plans. That is, for those who are approved for that kind of… Read more

Another Behold II vid

These are coming out almost as fast as we can post them now. This one does have a sharper picture but that music is, to me, the essence of recycling recycled recyclables for the 10th time. I guess that makes it green, if nothing else. These kids today… Via… Read more

Samsung Behold II announcement on November 12th

What is generally thought to amount to America’s answer to the Galaxy, Samsung’s Behold II, will finally be formally announced and shown off on November 12th. We all know what it looks like, a few preliminary specs, and the likely contract price of $249.99. The launch date – November 18th – really hasn’t been much of a secret either, so what I’m really… Read more

Motorola Cliq for $119.99

Check this out: dealnews.com is linking up to Wirefly to offer the Motorola Cliq at $119.99…with free shipping. Of course that’s on a two-year contract, but it’s still the cheapest deal they’ve seen by $80, and I have to concur. Don’t forget the $35 activation fee…. Read more