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UMA, Android, and T-Mobile: the latest

Rumors regarding T-Mobile’s intentions for UMA-supported (Wi-Fi Calling) Androids have been going back and forth lately, and it would seem that what the future holds for UMA is anyone’s guess. That is, it seemed that way until this morning, when David from TMoNews posted the screens below, which purportedly depict an employee training guide on upcoming… Read more

T-Mobile inventory sheet leak

Everyone loves a little late night leakage right? David from over at TmoNews has his hands on another top secret T-mobile goodie, and this time, it comes to us in the form of an inventory sheet leak. So what does this inventory sheet entail? Proof of several “coming soon” Android devices, and some time frames for release. Mind you, none of these dates are… Read more

No UMA support for Android from T-Mobile?

When I bought my T-Mobile WiFi router two years ago as part of my @Home service, I didn’t realize that UMA calling–cellphone calls over WiFi–was one of the services Magenta was pushing. Support was very limited in the early stages, but it looked as though more phones would be supported; possibly Android devices. Sadly, WiFi calling via UMA never really… Read more

T-Mobile to host the rugged Motorola DEFY

Well, of course, the Oprah Winfrey show is the perfect venue for announcing a new mobile device. Why not? (Please refrain from jokes about MOTOBLUR bloatware and Oprah — I did.) That’s exactly what Motorola did with the DEFY, an Android phone slated to launch on T-Mobile soon. The device’s focus is squarely on being sturdy and resistent, whether it… Read more

RadioShack to offer T-Mobile G2 for $149.99 with contract

Radio Shack tweet G2 $149.99

RadioShack used Twitter to announce a highly attractive price for the upcoming T-Mobile G2. Of course, the $149.99 price tag requires a new 2 year contract. The good news is that “The Shack” specifically mentions an instant rebate, so you don’t have to jump through hoops and deal with those archaic envelopes and stamps to get your 50 bucks back. The price… Read more

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ taking over

It has been officially announced today, that T-Mobile will be rolling out HSPA+ to more cities than you can shake a stick at (that’s 24 to be exact). With the new roll-out beginning ASAP, T-Mobile has announced that somewhere near 85 million of their customers will be covered by their 4G-esque super speedy network. By the end of the year, that number is… Read more

T-Mobile superphone in the pipes

Who wants a big fat rumor on this Friday afternoon? Me too, but you gotta be prepared because this one is a doozy. Scott Brown from Android Guys does a podcast every Thursday where they talk about everything Android. Shortly before filming this Thursday’s podcast, Scott attended the HTC meetup in Seattle, WA (I believe this was on the 17th). According… Read more

June 19th mystery solved?

“STAY TUNED – THIS WILL BE BIG.” That’s what a leaked T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide roadmap told us almost two weeks ago about June 19th. Since then, people have have been guessing (myself included) about what could be happening on that date. Oddly, much of the speculation included buzz that T-Mo would be selling the Nexus One direct, starting the day before… Read more