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T-Mobile Commercial Claims Better Voice Quality Than AT&T

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GQig5l3XoVY It’s common to bash other brands in commercials these days, and T-Mobile doesn’t hesitate to do so. In this one, the magenta motorcycle is left behind for a magenta helicopter. Go big or go home right? Then this statement comes up: Our super fast 4G network reaches more than 220… Read more

T-Mobile Galaxy S III LTE May Launch March 27th Or April 3rd

T-Mobile is working on their LTE network, with a bit of LTE showing up in some places, but what’s the use of LTE without any LTE enabled phones? If you’ve been itching for Samsung’s flagship on T-Mo’s brand new LTE network, they’re planning to launch a Galaxy S III LTE soon. The device might launch either March 27th or April 3rd. However, you’ll have to… Read more

T-Mobile LTE Lights Up In Kansas City

We know that T-Mobile is planning to launch their LTE network soon, but it seems that it has gone live in Kansas City, at least partially. Someone with an AT&T Galaxy Note (original) noticed he had 4G LTE in one area on T-Mobile, and a speed test shows it to be true. Since the AT&T Note supports Band 4 LTE, it will work on T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS… Read more

Best Buy Offering Nexus 4 Online

It looks like Best Buy has some Nexus 4 units to sell! You can get one with a new two year contract with T-Mobile for $199.99 or an unactivated one for $599.99 right now. Store pickup is not available, so the deal seems to be online only. We don’t know how many Best Buy has in stock, so you might want to hurry up to get one before they’re all gone…. Read more

T-Mobile Ran Out Of Nexus 4′s Again

It’s been only 2 days since T-Mobile refreshed its stock of Nexus 4′s, and now its supplies have been cleaned out. The T-Mobile has yet again listed the Nexus 4 as “out of stock”. They’ll probably have more in stock by mid-February when LG gets its act together, but when that happens, I would think that people would rather go to the Google Play store… Read more