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Sony Xperia T Goes Through FCC With AT&T LTE Bands

We’ve reported on the Xperia T coming to AT&T, since it was leaked before. Now it has come through the FCC with AT&T LTE bands, unlike the international model (which doesn’t even have LTE). It also seems that the back is different from the international model, being broken into segments probably for antenna performance. The phone will be coming to… Read more

O2 UK Getting “Bond Phone” Xperia T, AT&T Might Too

O2 UK will have an exclusive “Bond Phone,” a Skyfall branded Sony Xperia T. Other networks will get the Xperia T, but they won’t be Bond Phones. But what does the Bond Phone entail? Nothing but extra content. It’ll have 007 ringtones, themes, screensaves, and images with geo-tagging to specific locations in the film. It’s an interesting way to sell a… Read more

Sony LT29i Will Reportedly Launch As The Xperia TX

The Sony LT29i has been rumored for several months, but the new flagship phone has been left nameless until now. Sources familiar with the matter have confirmed that the Xperia GX-like variant will hit the market as the Sony Xperia TX.  The company’s new naming scheme positions the TX above its mid-range Xperia T (LT30p) handset. If past leaks are… Read more