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Editorial: Samsung Recently Released Ice Cream Sandwich On The Tab 10.1, That’s Absolutely Unacceptable

Here at DroidDog, all of our writers are usually in constant contact, using a group chat client to organize and converse among ourselves. More than a few times we have disagreed with matters, and last Friday was no exception. Dima Aryeh, one of our writers and a longtime friend of mine, felt that it was a good thing that Samsung is releasing a… Read more

Editorial: Samsung Releases ICS Update For Tab 10.1 8 Months After ICS Source Code Drop: Why I’m Happy

Your first thought should be “Why the hell did it take 8 months? What the hell is wrong with you for being happy? Be mad!” Well, let me tell you, I was mad. I was mad for a long time. Why should I be stuck on Honeycomb 3.2, an OS that was in all fairness a beta test? It had hardware acceleration that wasn’t smooth, a new UI that was very unfinished, and… Read more