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Sony Tablet P and XPERIA Play for AT&T offered in new bundle

Despite the fact that the XPERIA Play for AT&T has been out for awhile now, AT&T is offering up a new bundle for those of you out there who are wanting to pick up Sony’s new Tablet P (new for AT&T, at least), in a nice little bundle. It’s not a great bundle, though, considering you’ll have to walk into a store and leave with two different contracts, but at… Read more

Sony Tablet P for AT&T landing March 4

While the Tablet P by Sony has been available in international markets for quite some time, it has been a no-show here in the States ever since its official launch. While that’s bad enough for leaving its Tablet S brother all by itself on store shelves, Sony is looking to rectify the situation by officially announcing an upcoming launch date for the… Read more

Sony Tablet P available online now

The Tablet S from Sony has been available for a little while now, and while it may not fit the bill for everyone, especially with its unique form factor, maybe Sony’s other tablet will. That’s what they are hoping, anyway, with the Tablet P. The dual-screen tablet is now available online, but you may want to take a peek at the price tag before you start… Read more