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IDC Predicts 122.3 Million Tablets To Ship in 2012

The analysts at IDC have predicted that 122.3 million tablets will ship in 2012. Previously, IDC predicted that 117.1 million units would ship, but according to IDC’s tablets research director, Tom Mainelli, the increased traction from Android tablets, as well as the strong holiday sales that Apple is expected to have, resulted in the updated… Read more

Gap Between iPad And Android Tablet Sales Closing Fast

Though Android tablets have been doing better and better, until recently they were absolutely no competition to the iPad. In a shocking bit of news, apparently that gap is closing fast, with the iPad holding a 55% market share and Android tablets holding 44%. But consider that many analysts thought that it would take even longer for Android to catch up… Read more

Photoshop Touch Updated With Optimizations For 7 Inch Tablets

Adobe Photoshop Touch has received a pretty big update today, and the biggest feature is the new support for 7 inch tablets. Not only are 720p tablets like the Nexus 7 supported, but older tablets like the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with a 1024×600 resolution are too. That’s pretty significant if you don’t want to shell out much more money for a 10 inch tablet…. Read more

Apple Tablet Market Share Drops As Overall Tablet Sales Increase

While Samsung may have the edge in smartphone sales, when it comes to tablets, Apple has dominated since the release of the original iPad. However, the newest third quarter results from the IDC suggests Apple’s iPad market share was responsible for just over half of the 27.8 million shipments worldwide. The IDC attributes part of Apple’s slight drop off… Read more

Editorial: Is The iPad Mini Truly Dangerous To Android Sales?

On Tuesday Apple lit the internet ablaze with the announcement of their long anticipated iPad Mini. Smaller than its older brother – the iPad – and cheaper as well, it set a new spot in Apple’s product lineup. Prior to this, Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs stated it hadn’t been interested in a 7-inch tablet, but it looks like the slew of budget Android… Read more

Sprint Set To Launch New No-Contract Data Plans For LTE Tablets

While this can no doubt be attributed to the announcement of the new iPads, the nation’s third largest carrier is planning to shift up its tablet data plans. They’ve decided that while they may not have the best coverage, it’s not going to stop them from pulling in more customers. Sprint will now be offering more data for a better price, with plans that… Read more

Rumored Nexus 10 Becomes A Little More Real – Picasa Unofficially Confirms Its Existence

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet has seen tremendous success and support since it has been released. In the 7-inch market, the tablet offers the definitive Android experience and has been praised as one of the best tablets in the market regardless of display size and OS. When it comes to larger displays in the tablet game, the truth remains that Apple’s iPad… Read more

HTC Talks About Tablet Market, Staying Out Of It For Now

HTC has sold 3 different Android tablets in the past two years, one being a cellular variation of the other. They were the HTC Flyer, the Sprint EVO View 4G, and the AT&T HTC Jetstream. This encompassed both the lower end of the spectrum (Flyer was $300) and the high end (Jetstream was $700). HTC had said that the tablets met expectations and taight… Read more