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Samsung Gets Fined For A Misleading Advertisement

  Samsung received a fine today from Taiwan’s FTC (Fair Trade Commission) for a misleading advertisement regarding its Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 smartphone. The fine was for NT$300,000, which is only $10,389 in the US. That’s barely a scratch to their assumed $8.1 billion profit in Q4 of 2012 alone. The false advertisement, which… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Premier Passes Through Taiwanese Regulators

Our little trickster friend has passed through Taiwan’s regulatory system and has shown off what it has to offer. Now, this phone has the model number of GT-I9260, 10 more than the Galaxy Nexus’ GT-I9250. Thus people thought it would be the Galaxy Nexus 2, with barely updated specs. However, it was later revealed that it is not a Nexus device, but… Read more

ASUS Announces Event For Padfone 2 October 16th

Remember the Padfone? The phone that could turn into both a tablet and a netbook with the docks? It was a wonderful device. It had its fair share of bugs, but it was well designed and it worked well for the most part. It’s just sad that we didn’t get to see enough of it, it just fell off the radar for a long time. However, ASUS is back and hopefully… Read more