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Google Babel Screenshots Leak, Could Be Real

There have been many rumors of Babel going around, and there have even been sightings of the name. However, we now have leaked screenshots of the web interface of Babel. And while we can’t say if they’re real or fake (until there is an official announcement, no one can), they sure look convincing. As you can tell, the new shots line up with what… Read more

Babble May Be Google’s Unified Chat Service

Google’s messaging services may all be good in their own way, but they’re a mess. Google Talk is light and quick, but far too barebones. It is not the texting replacement iMessage or BBM do well as. Google Hangouts for video messaging are just awesome, and work better than anything I have ever tried. Then there is Google+ chat and many other services… Read more

Google Talk Offering Similar Function To Google Now

Only a small percentage of Android devices have Jelly Bean, and Jelly Bean is the only way to have Google Now. It’s a very useful app I find myself actually using once in a while. However, if you don’t have Jelly Bean, or even an Android phone, you can experience a small part of Google Now yourself. If you have a Google Talk app on any device, and add… Read more

Google And Apple CEO’s Talking Behind The Scenes

It seems that Larry Page of Google and Tim Cook of Apple have been talking behind the scenes. The discussions have been about various things related to intellectual property and the disputes going on right now, according to the info. They had a phone call last week, and will do so again soon. This also involves a few lower level officials, not just the… Read more