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Motorola Droid / Milestone / Sholes / A855 / Tao

Specs: 600 MHz ARM + 430 MHz Image Processor; 3.7″, 854 x 480 touch screen; 512 MB ROM; 256 MB RAM; 1400 mAh battery; 5MP cam with auto-focus and video; 3.5 mm audio jack; Android 2.0 (Eclair); EV-DO Rev. A, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi. Released by: Verizon on November 6th, 2009 US cost: After all is said and done, $199 from Verizon, though it can be had… Read more

Droid hands on via BGR!

OK, people. The much anticipated and somewhat guarded “Droid” has been severely groped by BGR, and, much to our benefit, they’re into “gropin and tellin.” They’ve not too much to say just yet. However, what they did say about the device is absolutely glowing. This could be the miracle phone that brings me over to the big, red, VZW! Click on the pic to read… Read more

European Sholes cleared for takeoff

The FCC just cleared a GSM version of Motorola’s Sholes, which will launch here in the States on VZW. This incarnation isn’t capable of US 3G, so as the source of my source points out, it’s probably just paperwork to keep people from getting sued when the handset goes on vacation to Disneyland. I wonder what the Limey will call this presumably unlocked… Read more

MotoDroid will run Android 2.0… or not

Will the Sholes/Tao/Droid ship with Eclair when it drops on Verizon? That depends on which tech blog you’re reading today (see more here). But this image from BGR – which is probably the best snap we’ve yet seen of the device – clearly indicated the phone is running firmware version 2.0. Via Android… Read more

MotoDroid… *something* coming October 30th

In another image leak from BGR, we have some sort of indicator for the future of what has been called the Sholes and Tao, but may be officially titled, “MotoDroid.” As you can see from the color key at the top of the calendar, red entries are designated for marketing. So maybe this will be the day of a big announcement. Considering this morning’s revelation… Read more

Motorola Tao (?) a.k.a. Sholes passes FCC

The juiciest stuff is hindered by a confidentiality request on the behalf of Motorola, but we now know that the Sholes A855, widely expected to launch on Verizon in October, has cleared the FCC with EVDO Revision A and b/g Wi-Fi. It also looks as though Sholes will be dropped in favor of the moniker, Tao. Via… Read more