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ifixit tears down Nexus S

Whether you dropped your lovely new device in liquid and need to clean it out or you just like to see the guts of gadgetry, ifixit, as always, has you covered with a tear down of the hottest new phone on the market. This time, Google’s Nexus S is exposed. Ooooh, that contour screen. Mmmm, that 1GHz Hummingbird. And oh, oh, the 5MP cam. Hummina, hummina,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab tear-down

iFix it is at it again, carefully dissecting and photographing an Android object of desire. This time around, they’ve unscrewed, pried, pulled, and twisted a Samsung Galaxy Tab apart into its component pieces, and you can see the thoroughly documented process here. While they may be little more than gadget porn to a lot of us, these high quality tear-downs… Read more