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How Do You Use Your Technology When You Travel?

Traveling. It’s something that we’ve all been a part of. Whether it’s a short day-trip, a two-month business trip, or a week-long vacation, it’s traveling. But as time has gone on, we’ve further incorporated technology into the way we travel. Satellite internet is available all throughout the air and oceans, televisions can be found in any hotel room,… Read more

Tegra 4 To Offer Native HDR With No Dual Shot “Stitching”

Though shooting HDR stills is better than having half of your photo over or under exposed, the whole system is inherently flawed. Shooting two photos to later stitch together means there is a lot of room for error or artifacts. If you move the device while shooting or even if a subject in your shot moves, you’ll have a messed up looking photo…. Read more

Samsung Claims The iPhone Can’t Exist Without Samsung’s Patents

Samsung has been fighting a battle with Apple for so long, it’s hard to remember a time before the patent disputes. Both sides have won some, both sides have lost some. Samsung has lost a significant amount here in the States, yet they are confident that their appeal will come through. It’s a tough time for all, we live in an age of war. Samsung’s… Read more

Galaxy S III Display Higher Tech Than iPhone 5

There was a study done by IHS on the display technologies behind the glass of the Galaxy S III and the new iPhone 5. The results are actually surprising: The Galaxy S III display is higher tech compared to the display of the iPhone 5. First of all, the iPhone 5 display only shows 72 percent of the standard NTSC color gamut, while the Galaxy S III shows… Read more

Sony Xperia V Using “Sensor-On-Lens” Tech, Thinner Display

Sony announced their new “sensor-on-lens” technology that they are debuting in the Xperia V. This technology removes a layer of glass and glue, integrating the sensor into the top layer of glass, or lens. It makes you feel like you’re touching the image instead of glass. It also reduces haze and increases luminance. It’s a great technology of course,… Read more

Samsung On Track To Produce 350 ppi OLED Displays

Mobile display technology is constantly evolving, but Samsung has just managed to accomplish quite a feat. It’s been reported that the company has mastered its FMM (fine metal mask) production technique well enough to begin manufacturing OLED displays with up to 350 pixels per inch. Before today, OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays were… Read more

Top 3 Battery Myths [Video]

About 100% of the rechargeable battery powered electronics released in 2011 have been lithium-ion powered. This applies to everything from laptops to smartphones to smart cars. If your phone has a rechargeable battery, chances are it’s a lithium-ion battery. Ever wondered about calibrating your battery or how charging works? You need to watch… Read more