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ZTE Grand X Unveiled In UK For Pay-As-You-Go

The ZTE Grand X, while nowhere near high end status, is definitely a good offering for those on Virgin Mobile’s pay-as-you-go plans. The phone has a 4.3″ qHD screen (which is a pretty good pixel density), a 1GHz dual core Tegra 2 processor (they weren’t even very good when they came out, I own a Tegra 2 device), a 5MP camera, a VGA front facing camera,… Read more

Tianyu iQQ: Android phone without Google experience

Tianyu, a Chinese phone manufacturer, has announced its intention to release a smartphone called the iQQ. The phone will feature a Nvidia Tegra 2 (1 GHz), 1 GB of RAM, 4.3 in 800×480 display, 5 MP camera, and a 2000 mAh battery. If it sounds like a great phone, that’s because it is. However, the interesting part of this phone is not its… Read more

Toshiba’s 7-inch Thrive tablet landing in November

While Toshiba has already seen some decent support for their 10-inch Thrive tablet, it looks like the company is ready to add to their line-up come the holiday shopping season. The company has recently announced that their 7-inch tablet device will be landing in the market in two different versions, sometime in November. The 7-inch version will come in… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II: Tegra edition

In a tale that’s been told many a time before, Samsung will be turning to alternative smartphone components to keep up with the anticipated demand for the Galaxy S II. Normally, the screen is the first thing to make the switch for phones, but as Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus displays are one of their key selling points, the processor is what will be… Read more

NVIDIA Tegra Zone available now

Information on NVIDIA’s custom created dual-core depot has been available for awhile now, and the app has finally made it’s way into the Android Market today. NVIDIA is tagging their new Tegra Zone app as “the destination for mobile gamers.” According to the Market listing: “With the Tegra Zone app for your NVIDIA Tegra-powered mobile device, you… Read more