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SoulCraft hits your Tegra-powered device by month’s end

Another Tegra optimized high-definition game is hitting the Market real soon. Soulcraft THD will be coming to Tegra-powered phones and tablets later this month and the graphics, they look amazing. The game itself takes place on a day humans are about to discover the key to eternal life. Unfortunately, both angels and demons are NOT down with humans doing… Read more

The Dark Meadow comes to Tegra Zone in Q1 2012

Those lucky enough to have a Tegra 2 tablet can pat themselves on the back today because another game of epic proportions is coming to Tegra Zone in early 2012. The Dark Meadow is a first person adventure game built on Unreal Engine 3. It will be Tegra optimized and will hit your Android mobile device before the end of March in 2012. Phosphor Games… Read more