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TegraZone Players Choice Awards Winners

NVIDIA had a contest voting for the best TegraZone games, in exchange for a chance to win a prize pack. I’m not surprised that people voted, the prize pack is amazing. It includes an ASUS Transformer Pad 300 powered by a Tegra 3 quad core, a keyboard dock, a special edition NVIDIA Jambox, and a Logitech wireless controller. Keep reading to see who… Read more

The Five Tegra Games That Will Be At E3

Before we start, I’d like to state one thing: NVIDIA hardware is not superior. The Mali-400 GPU in the Galaxy SIII destroys the Tegra 3 GPU. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter. NVIDIA has the smarts and the power to make deals and make it easy to optimize games for their hardware. They don’t have the best hardware, but their games have the absolute best… Read more

Another Benchmark Video Comparing HTC One X Dual Core And Quad Core Models, With Opposite Results

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kUSlcYew4HA Another YouTube user, this time Josh Krek, posted a comparison video benchmarking both the dual core and the quad core HTC One X. The US variants, including the AT&T One X, are powered by a Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, instead of the quad core Tegra 3 used in the international… Read more

NVIDIA Tegra Zone available now

Information on NVIDIA’s custom created dual-core depot has been available for awhile now, and the app has finally made it’s way into the Android Market today. NVIDIA is tagging their new Tegra Zone app as “the destination for mobile gamers.” According to the Market listing: “With the Tegra Zone app for your NVIDIA Tegra-powered mobile device, you… Read more

Verizon to score some Android tablets in Q4

Christmas time in the US bring out all the great new toys doesn’t it? At least for Verizon it will. It’s being said that Motorola, Samsung, and LG are all going to be producing Android tablets. And just who is that being said by? Verizon Chief Exec Lowell McAdam: Customers should expect that the first tablets will be Android devices from contenders… Read more

Compal Tegra Tablet

> Can you tell that tablet devices are the hot thing this year? It seems that every electronics company under the sun is coming out of the wood-work with a tablet or E-reader, Compal is no exception. NVIDIA was seen at CES showing off Compal’s Android tablet boasting wifi, SIM / microSD slot, Android 2.0, HDMI out, 1080p video, flash 10.1, and a 7… Read more