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HCI HealthcareTelevisions to be powered by Android

HCI, a provider of entertainment and education devices for the healthcare industry, has just announced a line of televisions powered by Android. They will run specially-developed applications to help patients browse the web, view photos, play games, and much more. It will be offerend in 4 sizes including 22, 26, 32, and 42-inch models. The televisions… Read more

Vibrant, DROID X, EVO, & HDMI: who loves your telly?

With all these new fangled contraptions featuring HDMI ports and video out via the 3.5mm connection usually used for headphones, I figured a little video demonstration was in order. Using what I had on hand – the Vibrant, DROID X, and EVO – I ran a few tests to see which phone made best use of its television out capabilities and which used the potential as… Read more

Social television by Android?

The Financial Times recently reported that Google and Intel are expected to announce a Smart TV platform this week, and that Google’s partnership with Sony to bring web apps to television will be revealed at the Google I/O conference today or tomorrow. Intel chief exec Paul Otellini said of the impending bombshell: “The revolution we’re about to go… Read more

Noah talks Android on CBS 5: Bay Sunday

Android really is becoming a household name/concept, and I’m glad to see this kind of coverage on a local news show. But Cliq and Hero? Hmm. I’m not really sure why those phones were chosen, but they are well established and can be had relatively cheap for the casual smartphone user or feature phone convert. Noah’s getting to be as natural on the tele as… Read more

People of Lava

Are you ready for the first Android powered television? Me too. The real question is, are you ready to pay for one? A company called People of Lava are releasing a 42″ HD LED set comprised of “top of the line components” in September called Scandinavia for around $3500 and will follow up with 47″ and 52″ versions. The sets will allow you to access YouTube,… Read more

DroidWars: Television

There are a lot of Android apps available for watching website video feeds, music videos, movie trailers and so on. So many, that I can’t imagine trying to put together a DroidWars about them. And while the Market is almost equally saturated with apps designed to bring you some sort of television related experience, very few deliver up-to-date (let alone… Read more