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Canada Finally Gets The HTC One X+

Canadians finally have access to the HTC One X+. It’s been long overdue, but now it’s available on TELUS for $129.00 on a new 3-year contract (ouch), or $650.00 off-contract (still ouch). Despite the “pick your poison” situation, the HTC One X+ is a solid, high-end phone and can stand up to the likes of the other big boys in the smartphone league. The… Read more

Nexus 4 LTE Discovery Allows Activation On AWS Bands

It may be a crazy day of Black Friday shopping around the country, but if can turn your attention away from door-buster deals for a minute, this just might interest you. It turns out those crafty boys from XDA Developers may have discovered a quick and easy way to activate LTE on the Nexus 4 . As it turns out, the Nexus 4, which is by all accounts,… Read more

Google Wallet Running On Any Galaxy S III

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOe1M2p0u1I&feature=player_embedded#! So the clever devs at XDA have gotten Google Wallet to run on the Verizon Galaxy S III (like in the video) along with any other variant of the Galaxy S III. As you probably know, Verizon T-Mobile and AT&T block all their phones from using Wallet, due to having their own system come out… Read more

HTC Revises Statement On Desire HD ICS Update, We Lose All Hope

A few days ago, TELUS claimed that HTC had cancelled the Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich update, citing performance issues. However, HTC rebutted saying they were fully committed to bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Desire HD (and even the Desire S). Sounds great right? Well, HTC has gone and “revised” their statement. Meaning, they lied. TELUS has… Read more

HTC Says Desire HD ICS Update Still On Schedule

Canadian carrier TELUS stated last week that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Desire HD has been cancelled. They claimed that there was “poor device performance in testing.” This is very strange, as I’ve seen ICS run on an Inspire 4G (AT&T variant of the Desire HD) perfectly fine. Also, it meets every spec, including the 768MB of RAM. So this… Read more

TELUS Cancels HTC Desire HD Update To Android 4.0, Blames ‘Poor Device Performance During Testing’

Earlier this year, HTC announced a slew of handsets that were slated to receive Ice Cream Sandwich in the not-so-near future. Surprisingly, the Desire HD, a single-core device released in 2010, was on that list. Today, however, Telus has officially canceled the device’s Android 4.0 update, citing poor testing results. It’s hard to believe that the… Read more

HTC One X Soon Coming To TELUS In Canada

Slowly but surely, HTC is rolling out various members of their One family to different carriers. The latest one to receive carrier branding is the HTC One X which will now be offered on two carriers in Canada. It originally launched on Rogers and now TELUS has put the phone in their “Coming Soon” section. Pricing and a release date are missing from the… Read more

Canadian Carrier Telus Revises Its Ice Cream Sandwich Update Chart

The Ice Cream Sandwich rollout has been one of the slowest of any Android update to date, as more than half a year later and only a handful of devices have been bumped to the new version. Many carriers and even manufacturers have been mum on the matter, causing even more confusion as to what devices will even be updated. At least one carrier to the North is… Read more

TELUS Offering Galaxy SIII Pre-Orders Alongside Rogers

It seems Canada is getting Galaxy SIII fever! TELUS has opened pre-orders of the phone alongside Rogers. TELUS is a CDMA carrier, so these phones will be significantly different from the international versions. The 16GB model will be $159.99 and the 32GB model will be $209.99 with new 3 year contracts and a minimum $50 per month plan. Canadian carrier… Read more