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Samsung Galaxy Note in Ceramic now available in Canada

Our friends to the North in Canada haven’t been able to get a Ceramic (or white) Galaxy Note, despite the phone being available for a couple weeks now. Anyone holding off for the Ceramic version has to wait no longer, as Samsung has just announced availability of it for Telus, Rogers and Bell. Pricing remains the same at $200 on three-year contract. Who… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note in white for TELUS coming April 4

The Galaxy Note by Samsung is making its rounds across the world, which Samsung is more than happy to point out to everyone. But for those of you out there under TELUS’ wing up in Canada who aren’t a fan of the original color scheme of the 5.3-inch device, you’ll be happy to know the white version is making its way to your network of choice very, very… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for TELUS receiving software update

The Galaxy Nexus by Samsung hasn’t been out for TELUS all that long, but it looks like the wireless carrier is ready to push out a minor software update to the device. We’ve received a few tips, without images, that the device under TELUS’ wing has been upgraded to Android 4.0.3, but thanks to our friends up north at Mobilesyrup, we can confirm that the… Read more

LG Optimus LTE will launch on Telus in Canada

Canadian carrier Bell has had the LG Optimus LTE in its lineup since November, but they soon won’t be alone. Telus has decided that they will include the handset in the launch of their new LTE network. Not much more is known, but it should be a great phone to start off a new LTE network. Launch date is still a mystery, but it shouldn’t be too long. The… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note hitting Canadian shores in mid-February

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been getting a lot of press lately. During CES it became clear that the handset would be starting a world tour starting in the UK and then making its way through North America. Well, today we have good news for our neighbors up north. Looks like the 5.3-inch phoneblet will be hitting Canada in mid-February. According to Samsung… Read more

Galaxy Nexus to come to TELUS for $99.99

Well, news of the Galaxy Nexus is popping up all over the place and it looks like this time, it’s popping up again in Canada. TELUS, a Canadian service provider has announced that the Galaxy Nexus will be put into the hands of consumers at the bargain basement price of $99.99. Only stipulation is that this will require a three year contract. Now, if that… Read more