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WiFi Hotspot and Tethering Hack Out for HTC EVO 4G LTE

The ability for a rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE to be used as a WiFi hotspot without being charged by Sprint is something its been able to do basically since it’s been rooted.  If your EVO LTE is rooted, you can just download Wifi Tether for Root Users from the Google Play Store and your set as long as you use the Generic ICS Device-Profile.  However,… Read more

Sprint May Be Dumping Unlimited Data, At Least For Mobile Hotspot

The day has finally come: Sprint, the only carrier in the US to over truly unlimited data, may be dumping that for at least one of its plan. A new email circling around claims that Sprint will be capping its mobile hotspot plan to only 5GB a month. Past that 5GB, Sprint will begin charging per megabyte for data. That’s a hard knot to swallow for users who… Read more

HTC Sensation 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Live, HTC Amaze 4G Update Arriving May 21st

Just as we expected, actually a little earlier as the first updates started going out around 3am as T-Mobile and HTC release Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Sensation 4G. Fear not HTC Amaze 4G owners, you’re waiting just a few more days as T-Mobile readies your update for release on May 21st. As soon as Sensation 4G owners stop dancing around the room… Read more

T-Mobile To Crack Down On Free Android Tethering

Apparently, T-Mobile accidentally offered free tethering all this time. Though they had a service for tethering for $15 per month, people didn’t need to buy it. They could just tether on Android, and T-Mobile couldn’t charge them. I know AT&T uses a special system app to keep you from tethering, which, when frozen/deleted with root, unlocks free… Read more

Nov. 3rd: T-Mobile tethering, myTouch, and more

November 3rd is going to be an important day for T-Mobile users this holiday season, as today it was leak-nounced that Magenta will start to offer tethering plans to the tune of $14.99 a month, so long as you meet the specified requirements: an unlimited data plan of $19.99 or higher, and a 3G or HSPA+ capable device. The best part? Tethering plans will… Read more

T-Mobile G2 update brings tethering and Wi-Fi calling

Good news for current and potential T-Mobile G2 owners: just 6 days after the official launch, an OTA update that began rolling out this morning brings the recently announced Wi-Fi calling feature as well as the missing tethering functionality via Wi-Fi hotspot creation. The update reportedly also updates the system radio and includes a few minor fixes…. Read more