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The Dog Park: Week Of June 10th

Fans of Samsung should be happy, as we had two announcements this week. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom was announced with a 16MP sensor and 10x zoom lens in the back, and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active is coming to AT&T in a matter of days to meet all your water-inclusive needs. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Camera NX was leaked in all its glory, featuring… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of May 20th

What a great week it was for Samsung and Samsung owners. On May 23rd, Samsung had announced that they had sold 10 million Galaxy S 4 units, which is a new record. They also announced two new colors for the device, the red one coming exclusively to AT&T. And for Verizon owners, the Galaxy S 4 went on sale. However, the Verizon Galaxy S 4 has a locked… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of May 13th

What a crazy week! Not only did we get Google I/O 2013, and quite a few surprises on that front, but we also got the release date and price for NVIDIA Shield! The device will launch sometime in June with a pre-order date of May 20th, and it’ll retail for a low price of $349 (well, low for what we expected). Then, with Google I/O, Google took the focus… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of April 29th

What a controversial week in the Android world. We found out that the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has a locked bootloader with no official way to unlock it. Many people deemed it impossible to unlock it without a leak of the keys straight from Samsung. However, a developer managed to do it anyway, with a release after the Verizon model comes… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of April 8th

There were quite a few releases this week. Probably the biggest would be Facebook Home, a new launcher that focuses fully on making Facebook central to your phone. We have plenty of coverage on that, including a walkthrough and a guide on how to get it working on almost any device! Along with Facebook Home came the HTC First, Facebook’s second go at… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of April 1st

You knew this would be an interesting week, to say the least. April 1st is always the time where companies throw small jokes out. Google was a heavy participant, with SwiftKey making an awesome and usable April Fools feature. It goes without saying that it was a day unlike any other, whether you enjoyed it or not. Then there was the Facebook event,… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of March 25th

It was an exciting week for those living in the UK, as the sought after HTC One finally launched! But with supply shortages, many people won’t be able to get them. And with the Galaxy S 4 launching soon, a lot of people will end up waiting. On top of that, T-Mobile has made a lot of big changes that might just change the way carriers work in the US. It… Read more