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LG Puts Cheeky Ad Up In Times Square, Tries To Overshadow Samsung

Let’s say you’re LG, and your biggest competitor is about to unveil the device that will take the world by storm. What do you do? Make fun of the fact that it isn’t available, of course! Samsung’s “Be ready 4 the next Galaxy” ads are overshadowed by even bigger LG ads stating “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!” Clever, LG, clever. Of course, we wish… Read more

Samsung Flash Mob Caught In NYC, Building Hype For The Next Galaxy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v9nM8jAYEL4 The day before Samsung Unpacked 2013, Samsung decided to stage a little surprise in New York City. They set up a flash mob of sorts, filled with suited men dancing around and holding signs for the Samsung Unpacked event tomorrow. A part of the event is open to the public tomorrow in Times… Read more

Inventory Leaks Says Galaxy S III Will Come In Blue And White, Screen Protector Shows Possible Screen Length

We’re a little over 24 hours away from the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S III and guess what, another leak, except this time we’re hearing about colors and not about design. The boys at GSM Arena acquired a screen shot taken from Carphone Warehouse, a UK phone retailer. According to this inventory listing, the Samsung Galaxy “S3″ will be… Read more

(Update: Fake!) Newest Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 Leak Looks Very Real, Confirms Earlier Images

Update: After seeing a number of sites receive this and post it as “exclusive,” we’re calling fakery on this image. This is not the Galaxy S3, Darth Vader is still your father. Trying to say anything about the final look of the Galaxy S III/S3 at this point seems futile, but this newly obtained image by the boys at PhoneArena matches up perfectly to… Read more

Samsung Exec Confirms Galaxy S III Name, Or Is It S3?

Absolutely no surprise here as Samsung Senior Vice President Robert Yi accidentally let slip at the end of Samsung’s Q1 2012 earnings calling: it’s the Galaxy S III. “We are anticipating very strong demand of Galaxy S III.” Samsung execs further stated that they expect this to be their “most successful smartphone ever,” but it was just Yi’s comment that… Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy Countdown Ends, Teaser Video Shows Little, Makes Fun Of iPhone Owners

The countdown is at zero and the time is at hand for Samsung’s next clue — a teaser video that shows not a lot. Sadly, no shadowy look at the upcoming Galaxy S III, instead just some messages about how we should prepare for the one handset that will change our view of the entire world. Be ready to “stand out from everyone else,” I hope that means… Read more